Privacy Policy

We, Hobonichi Co., Ltd. (“Hobonichi”), are a Japan-based company engaged in the creation of ideas, plans, media, events, products, educational programs, and other operations focused on making people happy. These operations are often covered through free content available on the website. In order to deliver this content, we may occasionally request your personal or other information.

It is important to us that you are able to access this content with the peace of mind that we are committed to protecting your privacy. Hobonichi and our entire employee take the protection of privacy very seriously, and see the compliance of this Privacy Policy as an important social responsibility.

We have established a Privacy Code of Conduct and Privacy Statement as a guideline for handling personal information, and we shall comply with these important guidelines.

Privacy Code of Conduct

We consider personal information and information related to privacy as something precious that has been entrusted to our care. See below for guidelines on how we handle your information.

1. When gathering information:

  • ・We will set a specific purpose of use and present it clearly so that you can understand and confirm the contents.
  • ・We will obtain your consent for the purpose of use prior to collecting the information.
2. When using the information:   
  • ・We will use the information for the sole purpose communicated to you at the time of agreement.
  • ・Details about the handling of personal information will be disclosed with the Privacy Statement.
  • ・Personal information will only be shared with employees and consignees who require the information in order to provide our services. If information is shared with consignees, this will be disclosed with the Privacy Statement.
  • ・If there are any changes with the purpose of use or plans to share the information with a third party, we will communicate this with you beforehand and again ask for your consent. If we are unable to obtain your consent, we will not use your information for these new purposes or share your information with the third party.
3. Management of the information received:   
  • ・We have established a governance system of accountability for personal information and privacy protection.
  • ・We put safety first and take appropriate security measures.
  • ・Hobonichi employees and consignees will be educated and overseen so that they can properly handle personal information.
  • ・Information will be appropriately discarded after use. If the information cannot be deleted, we will ensure we are unable to use the information further.
4. Inquiries about information:   
  • ・We have established the "Information Security Committee" as a primary contact point for internal training and implementation of measures related to personal information and privacy protection.
  • ・The Information Security Committee will also serve as the contact point for the public to submit inquiries about privacy. You can contact the Information Security Committee via email:
    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We will do our best to reply in a timely fashion.

Enacted: March 15, 2017
Revised: December 1, 2017
Hobonichi Co., Ltd.
Representative director: Shigesato Itoi

Privacy Statement

We, Hobonichi Co., Ltd. (“Hobonichi”), take privacy protection seriously and regard it as an important part of providing good service to our customers.
Following the Personal Information Protection Act, we have incorporated the OECD's 8 principles concerning the privacy of customers. This document that describes the handling of your personal information is called a privacy statement. We will also communicate what kind of personal information is collected, how it is used, safety control measures, etc. We ask that you agree to the use of personal information before using our services.

1. Types of personal information collected and intended usage

2. Services provided through apps and external domains

3. Cookies (management, visitor statistics, social media)

4. About consignees

5. Sharing with third parties

6. Common use

7. External links

8. Social media

9. Security

10. Confirmation and edits (i.e. disclosure, correction, opt-out) of customer information

11. Privacy Statement revisions

12. Inquiries

1. Types of personal information collected and intended usage
Hobonichi will disclose how the customer’s personal information will be used to render services. We will only collect information required to render services. Main purposes of use are posting articles on the site, providing products for purchase, accepting entries for gifts, sending advertising emails about contents on the Hobonichi website, conducting online surveys, and providing app services. Please see below for details.

Service and domain Purpose of use for personal information Personal information to be collected
Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun
Introducing products, accepting entries for gifts, sending prizes, conducting online surveys and questionnaires, accepting feedback Email address, nickname, name, address, survey and questionnaire answers, feedback
Hobonichi Mailing List (Japanese only)
Advertisement emails about services or products offered by Hobonichi or third parties Email address
Hobonichi Store
Product sales, order management page, feedback, customer support, newsletter Name, credit card information, email address, password, feedback, address, telephone number, order information, birthdate, gender (optional)
Takaaki Yoshimoto's 183 Lectures
Product sales Credit card information, nickname, email address
Product sales (Hobonichi Store), feedback, inquiries Hobonichi Store account registration, feedback, inquiries
Hobonichi Learning Space
Entry examination, lecture, questionnaire, feedback Name, email address, assignments, feedback
Hobonichi School
Entry examination, lecture, questionnaire, feedback, newsletter Name, email address, comments
Hobonichi Earth Ball
None None
Curry School
Entry examination, lecture, questionnaire, feedback Name, email address, feedback
Life Book
Photograph submission, calendar, ranking, site entry submission, feedback, questionnaire Nickname, photo, comment, questionnaire answers
AERA x Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun
Feedback Email address, nickname

2. Services provided through apps and external domains
Hobonichi has prepared a Privacy Statement for each service to allow customers peace of mind when using our services. Please refer to the Privacy Statement provided for each service.
Service and domain Purpose of use for personal information Personal information to be collected
Dokonoko (Web version & app)
iOS, Android
Main feed, Bookshelf, Book, lost pet information management, profile, calendar, site entry submission, questionnaire Name, email address, submitted photos, comments, device information, location, lost pet information, questionnaire answers
Hobonichi Earth Ball app
iOS, Android
Information will only be used for purposes expressed at the time of consent. There are no applicable items at this time. None
Hobonichi app
iOS, Android
Randomly generated list of past articles, search, app notifications (notification of content updates) Email address, password, name, Facebook public profile, Google Account basic information
Gallery event, questionnaire, event insurance coverage Name, address, telephone number, gender, questionnaire answers
Event announcements (not regularly scheduled) Event participation registration, notification of time changes, etc., questionnaire Name, email address, gender, telephone number, questionnaire answers

3. Cookies (management, statistics, social media)
A "Cookie" is the name of a technology that records and manages information about usage history and submitted website contents of customers. This information is saved as a Cookie onto the hard disk of a computer.
For further information, see our Cookie Policy.

3-1. Cookie management
Cookies enable a browser to quickly process frequently-accessed services. When shopping in the Hobonichi Store, a customer’s shopping cart contents and order management are processed through Cookies and JavaScript. Cookies are necessary for this submitted information to be saved and accessible as you shop.

3-2. Cookies used for viewing online content
Hobonichi uses Cookies to reload pages of recently viewed content.

3-3. Page access and purchase statistics
In order to optimize the quality of contents developed for the website, Hobonichi anonymizes the access data of site visitors and uses it to analyze access statistics. We do not identify customers or analyze individual usage. We may also provide statistical data such as product sales numbers to our co-development partners.
We use Google Analytics with server logs. If you do not want to participate in access analysis, please change your settings here:
Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on:

3-4. Social Media Cookies
In order to allow customers convenient use of social media channels through the Hobonichi website, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LINE, we use third-party cookies issued by each respective social media website. If you would like to prevent the use of cookies from these websites, please change your settings here:
- Facebook Opt-out:
- Twitter Opt-out:
- Please view the help section of your browser and devices for opt-out instructions for Instagram and LINE.

4. About consignees
Hobonichi outsources services such as product delivery, credit card payment, debt collection, mail delivery and calendar production. We supervise the outsourcing company and prohibit the use of private information outside the role of the outsourcing business.
<Consignee List>

Outsourced service Company name Entrusted personal information
Calendar production Cimpress Japan Co., Ltd. Photographs, comments, nickname
Payment processing, debt collection GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.
UC Card Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Co., Ltd.
Zeus Co., Ltd
H.S. Debt Collection Co., Ltd.
PAY, Inc.
Scudetto Corporation
EventRegist Co., Ltd.
Name, credit card information, card expiration date, etc.
Product shipment Nippon Express Co., Ltd.
Address Tsusho Co., Ltd.
Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
Japan Post Co., Ltd.
talo Co., Ltd.
Federal Express Japan G.K.
Name, zip code, address, telephone number, email address
Email delivery Sapana Co., Ltd Email address
Surveys SurveyMonkey, Google Email address, survey answers
Event Registration EventRegist Co., Ltd. Name, email address

5. Sharing with third parties
Hobonichi may provide personal information with third parties. We will always ask your permission to share with the third party before doing so. If we are unable to obtain permission to share the information with the third party, we will not share the information. However, please be aware that if we receive an order to share the information based on laws and regulations, we may need to provide this information even without consent.

<Examples of third parties>
・If the company to ask the interview — initiated by the Hobonichi Techo Official Guidebook — requests resources for content, we may provide information to the company if the customer consents in advance.
・If we are unable to provide replacement parts for items bought from Hobonichi Store, we may provide information to the company if the customer consents in advance.
・In our Dokonoko app, we publish information on lost pets for the purpose of providing services for lost pet searches.

6. Common use
Hobonichi does not participate in the common use of personal information among several companies.

7. External links
Hobonichi occasionally links to external websites for services and products offered through other related companies. The external website assumes its own responsibility of handling personal information on their website. Here are the main external websites you will find listed on Hobonichi.

Product or service URL
Tohoku Tree House Tourism Association
Kesennuma Knitting

8. Social media (Hobonichi accounts)
Personal information posted on a social media account is subject to the privacy policy of the social media website. Social media posts on Hobonichi’s accounts are handled by the administrators of the accounts, and the views and opinions expressed on the social media websites are those of the individual contributor and do not necessarily reflect those of Hobonichi.

Social media website URL

9. Security
Hobonichi’s security measures are listed below.

Security measure Details
Technical safety management Input form encryption (SSL), anti-virus software, access control, log monitoring
Physical safety management Office entry/exit control, security locks, security camera
Organizational security management Establishment of the Information Security Committee (in charge of education, inquiries, system management, and compliance)
Human safety measures Regular education training, certified CPA qualifications for the Informattion Security Committee

10. Confirmation and edits (i.e. disclosure, correction, opt-out) of customer information
10-1. Confirming and viewing customer information
The Hobonichi Store, Life Book, Dokonoko and other services that handle customers’ private information are set up in a way that customers can access and confirm their stored personal information at any time. For disclosure of information from other services, please contact

Service How to confirm Available information for confirmation
Hobonichi Store Registration information, purchase history, shipping address, registered credit card information
Dokonoko app View the home screen of the app Registration information, posts, uploaded pictures
Hobonichi app View the “manage user information” section. Registration information, usage history
News Release, Investor Relations Mailing List   Send an email to: Registration information
Other   Send an email to: Post history, etc.

10-2. Correcting or editing customer information
Customers may edit profile information registered to Hobonichi services. Customers may not revise shipping or purchase history. For other edit requests, please contact

Service How to edit Information available for editing
Hobonichi Store
See here for instructions:
Registration information, shipping address, registered credit card information, newsletter
Dokonoko app You can make edits through the following selections:
Email address: Home > Account Settings
Profile: Home > Account Settings > Edit Profile
Email address, profile information
Other   Send an email to: Post content, nickname on post, etc.

10-3. Opt-out of customer information
You can suspend or cancel use of your personal information on Hobonichi services through the following means:

Service How to suspend usage Eligible services, notes
Hobonichi Mailing List You can find instructions for unsubscribing here:
(Eligible services for suspension)
Hobonichi Mailing List
Hobonichi Store
See here for instructions:
(Eligible services for suspension)
Registration information, purchase history, shipping address, registered credit card information, newsletter

You will no longer be able to view purchase history once it is removed.
Dokonoko app You can cancel your account through the following selections:
Delete account:
Home > Account Settings > Delete Account
Delete Book: Home >
Select one of “My Books” > ... > Delete Book
(Eligible services for suspension)
Registration information, posts, uploaded pictures
Hobonichi app You can cancel your account through the following selection:
Menu > Account > Delete Account
(Eligible services for suspension)
Registration information, usage history
Personal information is saved on a server. Content linked with a Facebook login or Google login is not deleted through uninstalling.
Other   Send an email to: (Eligible services for suspension)
Post history

11. Privacy Statement revisions
If there are any new services or apps introduced on Hobonichi which change the way we handle your personal information, we will update this privacy statement. Even if there are no changes in the way we handle personal information, we may regularly review the Privacy Statement policy and make changes as needed in order to respond to customer inquiries and changes in the social environment. If any revisions are made in the Privacy Statement, we will disclose it on this page and also confirm the new privacy policy when a user accesses the new service.

12. Inquiries
If you have any comments or questions regarding how we handle personal information in our company, please contact us via the email address listed below. We will strive to respond promptly and honestly to inquiries.
<Contact Us>
Hobonichi Co., Ltd Information Security Committee (Personal Information Security Manager)

Enacted: March 15, 2017
Revised: December 1, 2017